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My name is


Do you speak code?
It’s ok if you don’t, I speak English too!

I am a self-care devotee who integrates the web with mindfulness, and happily serve small businesses and individuals with their online presence.


On/offline graphics, including logo design, business cards, social media posts, flyers and more.


Web development for digital/mobile products and eCommerce projects.


Production of instructional how-to’s, video banners, intro’s and video reels.

Tech Support

Communication and
jargon-free tech support without confusing buzzwords.


For the past 20 years, I have created online identities for clients.

Today, my self-taught background continues to provide me with the skills and experience by quickly adjusting to the dynamic evolvement of the web.

From the prep work of branding your online identity, to developing your website, and going live, to providing on-going support and updates – I am here for you!

I pride myself on building genuine connections with my clients, and creating an online presence that perfectly reflect their values.

It is my attention to detail, communication and commitment, that my clients have dubbed me as amazing grace.


  • Jan 2010
    Business Development Manager | Thought Media
    • Client Relations including: Executive Contacts
    (CEO, CTO, CIO, COO, Business Directors, Marketing Directors, Country/General Management)
    • Discussing Project Requirements, such as:
    - Digital/Mobile Products, eCommerce/mCommerce and Marketing
    - Online, Mobile and Social Product Management
    - Sales and Marketing
    (Business Development, Partnership
    Management, Market Management, Customer Acquisition, Performance Marketing, etc.)
  • 2008 - 2010
    Sales Manager | Illusive Design Inc.
    • Created long-term relationships offering custom web and application solutions for clients across a multitude of industries.
    • Discussing Project Requirements, such as: Digital Products, eCommerce and Marketing
  • 2003 - Present
    • Web Design and Development
    (Digital/Mobile Products and eCommerce/mCommerce)
    • Online, Mobile and Product Management
    • Business Development
    • Logo / Branding
    • Video Production
    • Tech Support


My interest in web development, stemmed from the ability to build a visual from code.

It was a natural skill I was able to pick up very quickly and in 1999, I coded my first website while creating designs and graphics in MS Paint; fast forward to 2005 I taught myself how to develop an entire website in Flash, and the following 18 years, I’ve expanded my skills (all self-taught) using today’s latest software’s and services.

To ensure a healthy work/life balance, when I’m not working you can find me at home with my 3 dogs, reading books on psychology, spirituality and personal development.

I absolutely love watching cult documentaries; 90’s music forever has a place in my heart; dancing like no one is watching; singing out loud; doing yoga; going for hikes and spending time in nature.

Thanks for visiting!


In 2020, I began trading crypto currency, and the following year collected and flipped NFTs, supporting many female-led projects along with projects with a purpose.

Having been involved managing communities of different projects, and evolving my knowledge to the blockchain allowed me to network with industry experts who specialize in:

AI Generated Designs

Solidity Development

Smart Contract Development

Get in touch to see how we can work together.

My NFT Collection


Web Development


Graphic Design


Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
Client Relations
Video Production
Quality Assurance

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